by stephan
The products we use are of the highest quality and are chosen because they perform best in the particular circumstances.

Best Detailing Products 
Where to start?
Let me start with an experience I had with one of my customers. 
This gentleman rang my at my shop asking me about Swissvax. Over the phone I had the feeling he made up his mind and he felt that Swissvax was the product to give his classic car the best possible shine. A week after his purchase (I have not sighted the car by then) he rang me again at my shop and told me that it did not shine up to his expectations. 
After having a bit of a conversation he agreed to drive the car to my shop so I could inspect the paint. 
It turned out that the classic car had had a full restoration including a full respray commissioned by the previous owner. 
The catch was that the paint was never finished off properly. Heavy orange peel gave the paint the frosty look and there was no way any polish could fix that problem. 
I proceeded to wet sand a patch on the boot lid to remove the orange peel and then compounded the sanding marks. To his astonishment this revealed a mirror finish as it should have been in the first place. 
He booked the car in for a full wet sand and the resulting finish left him speech less but very happy.  

The moral of the story?

You can’t polish a t...! Simple as that. If you have not a good base to work with, any surface that is, you cannot achieve a good result. Regardless of the product you use. 
Often it requires the service of a professional like Glossmaster, to lift the standard of your vehicle to a higher level from where you can take over and maintain the finish. 

Anyway, back to the topic at hand. 

Swissvax has got a full range of products that satisfies everybody’s taste in finish.
If you are not happy with the finish you are trying to achieve, come and see me at Glossmaster and we look at your options. 


Before Wet Sanding
After Wet Sanding, Compounding and Polishing. Finished of with Swissvax Onyx