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Services listed are some of the services we provide. If you have any other concerns that you think we can help you with, please call us or come and see us.
We only provide a mobile service to customers with proper facilities. We provide the highest quality services from our controlled condition workshop.
We do offer a free pick up service within a 20min radius of our workshop. Alternatively, we can pick up your vehicle from anywhere in the Perth metro area for a small fee.
We use only the best products and materials to achieve an exceptional outcome.
Our services are reasonably priced considering their exceptionally high quality.

Welcome to the world of fine detailing, we look forward to seeing you... 

Full Detail

***Recommended for well maintained vehicles*** 
Time: 4-6 hours 
Price: Starting at $280 (Cars) or $420 (4WD)* 
Interior Process: 
Vacuum carpets and floormats 
Clean windows 
Deep clean dash, console, and entire interior 
Apply UV protection to all plastic/vinyl surfaces
Condition all leather 

Exterior Process: 
Hand wash & dry exterior 
Clean wheels & dress tires to restore shine 
Decontaminate exterior paint with claybar
Remove tar and bugs 
Clean and dress wheel wells 
Dress exterior trim 
Apply 1 coat of premium wax or synthetic paint sealant. 

*Excessive dirt, stains, swirls, clearcoat damage, tree sap, pet hair, sand, odor, and other factors require extra time, and may require extra fees.

Full Detail Plus

**Deep cleaning of exterior paint and interior fabric** 
Time: 6-9 hours 
Price: Starting at $420 (Cars) or $560 (4WD) * 
Interior Process: 
All services included in a 'Full Detail' plus… 
Steam cleaning of carpet & fabric seats 
Exterior Process: 
All services included in a 'Full Detail' plus… 
1 step machine polish to remove fine swirl marks toped up with a high quality wax to protect gloss.
Restore headlights

*Excessive dirt, stains, swirls, clearcoat damage, tree sap, pet hair, sand, odor, and other factors require extra time, and may require extra fees 


The Transformer:
***For the fastidious car owner*** 
Time: 2-3 days 
Cost: $1500 (Cars) $2200 (4WD) 
Whether you just bought a second hand car or are the owner of a car you just love to bits, this one is for you. “The Transformer” will truly transform your car to a level that can only be beaten by “The Concourse” detail. 
The exterior clean includes a full decontamination of all exterior surfaces 
Wheels removed for thorough cleaning of wheel arches, brake callipers and wheel barrels 
Wheels coated with a sealant before refitting (upgrade to 22PLE VM1 Wheel Coat from $150.-)

Engine bay fully detailed 
Interior will be treated to the most comprehensive clean 
Carpets and Upholstery thoroughly vacuum cleaned before steam cleaning 
Leather will be properly cleaned with ph neutral cleaner before a nourishing dressing is applied 
All other surfaces will be deep cleaned with the appropriate cleaner and then treated with a quality preservative 
The exterior paint will get a full paint rejuvenation treatment leaving it protected and in better then new condition  (upgrade to 22PLE Glass Coat at a reduced "Glass Coating"rate)
All other exterior surfaces will be cleaned and protected to their specific needs 
All glass will be polished and treated with a glass sealant  (uprade to 22PLE VG1 perfect vision window coating from $150.-)
Tyers will receive a dressing to give them the look they deserve 


Paint Rejuvenation:

***Want to look sharp?***

Time: 4hrs+ ($75/h)
Cost: Price varies based on condition of the car along with the expectations.

2-4 steps of machine polishing to level the surface, removing scratches and swirls, restoring paint to like new condition.
Machine polishing is followed up by a hand application of wax/sealant or our very best
22PLE Glass Coating at extra cost.

All paint correction work is done under special lighting to mimic direct sunlight. 
Note that not all scratches can be safely removed. 

***Recommended that vehicle be inspected prior to estimate. 


Glass Coating

***Outshine your neighbour**

Time: 1Day
Cost: 22PLE VX 2PRO Glass Coating – from $550.-
          22PLE Glass Coating Mistico Elemento – from $990.-
          22PLE VM Wheel Coating -- $250.- (Wheels taken off)
          22PLE VG Perfect Vision Window Coating -- from $150.-

This new technology paint protection not only provides an amazing
shine to your paint, but it also protects against the elements,
repelling water and dirt and ultimately keeping your car cleaner for longer.
Glass Coating also makes washing your car easier as dirt will literally
fall off as you rinse the car down, especially when using high pressure cleaners,
and the super hydrophobic properties will also make drying easier,
as water sheets off the surface quickly.


Wet sanding 
***Only a flat paint surface gives a perfect reflection*** 
Time: 3 days + 
Cost: Starting from $2200  
Preferably done on aftermarket paint within a few days after painting 
Can be performed on OEM paint to reduce orange peel 
Contact us for a demo 


Headlight restoration 
***Bye bye dull, hello clear*** 

Time: 1 hour 
Cost: $100/pair 
Included in our “Full Detail Plus” 
Call in if that is all you are after  


Other Services 

Cost: POA
Maintenance Wash and Polish 
Full Interior Detail 
Leather Rejuvenation 
Remove Wheels for cleaning and sealing 
Remove Overspray 
Remove Stickers and Vinyl Graphics